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Baileys from Bute

A family lineage and history of the James Bailey family is now available.  The focus surname of this publication is Bailey, as the two known sons of James Bailey became of age in Bute County, North Carolina.  We know that one son married in Bute County and strongly feel that the other did also, thus the title Baileys from Bute.  Numerous other families such as Bowers, Flemings, and other intermarried family subgroups are included.  It contains that information which was known about the Baileys and Flemings in Virginia.  It also includes all known Baileys in today's Lancaster and Kershaw counties in South Carolina.  Click here to order your copy today!

The origin of Baileys from Bute resides in the fact that all documented research by the many who have come before shows that one James Bailey, who was born about 1730, had come to migrate from Virginia, probably Westmoreland County, to North Carolina in the early to mid 1770’s with his family, of which we know of two sons.

The name of his wife is not even known, but there is every reason to believe that she was a Fleming and was a sister to a John and Peter Fleming who had also migrated nearby and had married Bailey sisters, Mary and Martha Bailey, who are also thought to have been sisters to James Bailey.

The area or county that they migrated to was Bute County, North Carolina.  Bute County was eliminated in 1779 to form Warren, Granville, and parts of other counties. The area of Bute from that time period is in what is today Vance County, North Carolina.

It is known, however, that James William Fleming Bailey, Sr. married Molly Sprunt on July 7, 1777 in Bute County.  It is also believed that his brother Kennedy married Ellender Short in Bute County.

Both brothers migrated their families to the Lancaster District of South Carolina and settled mostly in the Hanging Rock/New Hope/Heath Springs areas but today resides in all parts of Lancaster County, from Waxhaw to Stoneboro, Kershaw County, and most surrounding areas.

Concentration is also quite heavy in all parts of Hart County, Georgia, primarily in the Mt. Olivet, Reed Creek, Sardis, and all surrounding communities and counties.   Migration of the Hart County Baileys has even continued back into South Carolina counties such as Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Greenville.  There has also been migration into other counties of Georgia and there has been direct migration from Lancaster and Hart counties into Alabama and Mississippi, as well as points west and north.  Several counties in both Alabama and Mississippi (especially Webster and Attala) are heavily populated with Baileys from Bute.

Is is safe to say that there are probably Baileys from Bute descendants in every state in the union.  No one will ever know. Some of the states that are known beyond those already mentioned are: Michigan, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Lousiana, Arkansas, Oregon, California, Minnesota, and the list goes on and on.

The reason for the title Baileys from Bute is that we are ALL (including our ancestors) someplace away from Bute.  It certainly would be ironic and great if a present day or recent descendant actually lived in the original home county of Bute.

In this book, you will find the lineage, commonly known as genealogy, of the two known Bailey brothers.  There has also been some recent discoveries regarding the actual number of documented children of William Fleming Bailey and Molley Sprunt.  In 1995, Linda Shields of Oregon researched the South Carolina Department of Archives and discovered a court document containing the heretofore unknown name of the Bailey daughter who married Thomas Stevens to be Mary Bailey, and the formal name of the daughter previously referred to as Jennie to be Jane, the wife of John Gibson.

Finally, in this court document in which William Fleming Bailey’s sons, Joshua and James, brought action against the estate over a property dispute, it is stated that John Harrison was only a witness to family affairs and that his wife was a Middleton.   Therefore, there was no other unknown daughter, as has previously been stated.

The major lines of the lineage that are contained in Baileys from Bute (along with the first generation of children) are:

James Bailey
William Fleming Bailey
Joshua Bailey
    William R. Bailey
    James Bailey
    Jehu Bailey
    Rebecca Bailey
    Mary Bailey
    John Bailey
    Joel Bailey
    Nancy Bailey
    Daniel Jackson Bailey
    Jemima Bailey
William Fleming Bailey, Jr.
James S. Bailey
Jane "Jennie" Bailey
Jehu W. Bailey
    Reuben Bailey
    William David Bailey
    Elizabeth "Betsy" Bailey
    John Bailey
    Kannady S. Bailey
    James Elmer Bailey
    Duren Bailey
    Jehu W. Bailey, Jr.
Mary Bailey
    Rebecca Stevens
Nancy Bailey
    William Bailey Cauthen
    Mary Jane Cauthen
    John Canaday Cauthen
    James M. Cauthen
    George Thomas Cauthen
    Elizabeth Louise Cauthen
    Nancy Missouri Cauthen
    Amanda L. Cauthen
Kennedy William Bailey
John Bailey
Kennedy Bailey
Jonathan Bailey
    Paschal Bailey
James M. Bailey
Richard Bailey
    Griffin Bailey
    John Cannady Bailey
    Susan A. Bailey
    William Thomas "Bill" Bailey
    Henry M. Bailey
    L. C. Bailey
Nancy Bailey
Kennedy Bailey, Jr.
Barbara Bailey
    John Griffin Short
William K. Bailey

Other highlights include:

The information contained in this book was compiled by noted Bailey genealogy researcher Rex F. Bailey.  Rex died in an automobile accident on October 30, 1998, so this book will not be re-printed.  Quantities are limited, so order your copy today!

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